QuarkNet Associates

Mike Grannen joined the QuarkNet team in 2015.  Mike graduated from St. Ambrose University where he studied Physics Education.  He currently teaches AP Physics at Bettendorf High School, and spends his summers dedicated to developing an interest in science among a select group of high school students.

Moira Truesdell joined the QuarkNet team in 2007, and has been spending her summers giving Bettendorf High Schools students the incredible chance to work at the University of Iowa on research related to the most cutting edge science projects.  Moira currently teaches Chemistry at Bettendorf High School.

Christopher Like, current director of the Planetarium at Bettendorf High School, joined the QuarkNet program at Iowa in 2001.  While he no longer spends his entire summer at Iowa with students, he still helps organize many of QuarkNet's summer activities, including Teaching Institutes.

Peter Bruecken, a science teacher at Bettendorf High School, was a founding member of the QuarkNet program at the University of Iowa, starting in 1999.  In 2017, after 40 years of teaching, he retired.  However, we still reserve the right to bug him.