Iowa High Energy Related Publications - Partial List

  • Radiation-Hardness Studies of High OH Content Quartz Fibers Irradiated with 500 MeV Electrons at CERN
    2001   CMS-NOTE 2001/020   
  • Beam test of the neutron detectors with the prototype of the CMS very forward calorimeter
    2000   CMS IN 2000/020   
  • A 'Velocity-of-Light` Gas Cerenkov Calorimeter for the region beyond HF in CMS
    2000   CMS-NOTE 2000/007   
  • The etaq=3 Region of EE, HE and HF: Using 1-TeV jets in PYTHIA-GEANT
    2000   CMS-NOTE 2000/006   
  • Effects of Channel-Failure Rates on the Jet Reconstruction Efficiencies and Resolutions in an Fe HF Calorimeter
    2000   CMS-NOTE 2000/005   
  • PYTHIA-GEANT Calculation of Resolutions and Reconstruction Efficiencies in an Fe HF Calorimeter
    2000   CMS-NOTE 2000/004   
  • Studies of the Response of teh Prototype CMS Hadron Calorimeter, Including Magnetic Field Effects, to Pion, Electron and Muon Beams
    2000   CMS-NOTE 2000/003   
  • Preliminary Results from in Situ Quartz Fiber Neutron Irradiations
    1998   CMS-NOTE 1998/056   
  • Beam test results from a fine sampling quartz calorimeter for electron, photon and hadron detection
    1997   CMS-NOTE,1997/040   
  • Test beam of a quartz fiber calorimeter prototype with a passive front section
    1997   CMS-NOTE,1997/041