Iowa High Energy Related Publications - Partial List

  • Upper limit on the decay Sigma(1385)- ---> Sigma- gamma, and cross-section for gamma Sigma- ---> Lambda pi-
    2004   Phys.Lett.B590:161-169,2004   
  • CMS HF Calorimeter Light Guide System Radiation Damage Studies
    2003   CMS IN 2003/029   
  • Cerenkov and Luminescence Background Estimates in a Quartz-Ion Calorimeter
    2003   CMS IN 2003/027   
  • QP Optical Fiber Quality Control for the CMS-HF Detector at PolyMicro Technologies, LLC
    2002   CMS IN 2002/028   
  • Results From the Beam Test of the CMS Forward Quartz Fiber Calorimeter Pre-Production-Prototype (PPP-I)
    2002   CMS IN 2002/064   
  • Beam Test Results of a Longitudinally Segmented Quartz Fiber Calorimeter with High Energy Electrons and Pions
    2002   CMS-NOTE 2002/017   
  • Radiation Effect Studies on High Efficiency Mirror (HEM) and Aluminized Mylar for the HF Optical Design
    2002   CMS IN 2002/031   
  • Timing, Gain and Dark Current Measurements of PMTS from Three Different Manufacturers for HF Calorimeter
    2002   CMS IN 2002/032   
  • Single Photoelectron Spectrum Measurements of HF Calorimetry Candidate PMTs in the University of Iowa PMT Test Station
    2002   CMS IN 2002/026   
  • Test of the CMS-HF Light Guide System at the University of Iowa PMT Test Station
    2002   CMS IN 2002/029   
  • Single and Double Pulse Linearity Studies Performed on Candidate PMTs for HF Calorimeter
    2002   CMS IN 2002/030