Iowa High Energy Related Publications - Partial List

  • Physics Opportunities in CMS with p-p and Pb-Pb Collisions
    2006   CMS CR 2006/008   
  • Radiation-hardness studies of high OH- content quartz fibres irradiated with 2 GeV protons
    2006   CMS CR 2006/005   
  • Design, Performance, and Calibration of CMS Forward Calorimeter Wedges
    2006   CMS NOTE 2006/044   
  • Comparison of resistive and parallel dynode bases
    2006   CMS IN2006 019   
  • Radiation Damage in Quartz Fibers Exposed to Energetic Neutrons
    2006   CMS IN-2006/014   
  • GEANT4 Monte Carlo Simulation Studies for the Zero Degree Calorimeter for the CMS
    2006   CMSIN 2006/028   
  • CMS Zero Degree Calorimeter Technical Design Report
    2006   CMS IN-2006/054   
  • Variation of relative gains as a function of HV for the Hamamatsu R7525HA PMTs used in the HF Forward Calorimeter
    2005   CMS-IN 2005/006   
  • Comparison of PMT Relative Gains Measured at the University of Iowa and at CERN
    2005   CMS IN-2005/045   
  • Response of a Quartz Fiber Calorimeter to Radioactive Sources
    2004   CMS IN-2004/002