Engineering Projects/Talks

  • Source Tube Installation (pdf)
  • LED system for HCAL (By Michael Miller) (htm)
  • LED pulsar system (By Michael Miller 2000) (htm)
  • LED pulsar progress (By Michael Miller 2000) (htm)
  • SD Control System (By Ianos Schmidt) (pdf)
  • Cables and Racks (By Ianos Schmidt) (pdf)
  • HE Source Routing Tests (By Ianos Schmidt) (pdf)

R&D Proposals

  • Cherenkov compensated calorimetry (doc)
  • Polarimetry at LC (doc)
  • Micro-machined Vacuum Photodetectors (doc) – Broken link, check back later.
  • R&D for luminosity monitor – Broken link, check back later. (doc)

CMS Heavy Ion

  • ZDC for CMS: (pdf) – Broken link, check back later.
  • Heavy-Ion Reactions at Forward Angles with CMS (LHC) (By Edwin Norbeck at 19th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamcis in
    Breckenridge, Colorado, Feb. 8-15, 2003) Proceedings (ps) (pdf) (ppt)
  • Pb +Pb at 1000 TeV with CMS at LHC (By Ed Norbeck at the 18th Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics in Nassau Bahamas
    Jan. 20-27) (ps) (pdf)