Iowa High Energy Related Publications - Partial List

  • A Novel Method to Eliminate Muon Events on HF PMT Windows
    2009   CMS DN 2009/014   
  • Study of CMS HF Candidate PMTs with Cerenkov Light in Electron Showers
    2009   CMS DN -2009/012   
  • Design, Performance, and Calibration of CMS Hadron-Barrel Calorimeter Wedges
    2008   Eur. Phys. J. C 55, 159   
  • Analysis of Abnormally High Energy Events in CMS Forward Calorimeters
    2008   CMS IN 2008/014   
  • Design, Performance, and Calibration of CMS Hadron Endcap Calorimeters
    2008   CMS NOTE-2008/010   
  • Study of CMS HCAL response to muons using data collected during Global Run in September, 2007 and Integration Run in October 2007
    2008   CMS IN-2008//010   
  • First observation of the Cabibbo-suppressed decays and and measurement of their branching ratios
    2008   Phys. Lett. B 666, 299304   
  • Mass Reconstruction and Missing Et Studies on MSSM A/H -->Tau+Tau- Leptonic Decay
    2007   CMS IN 2007/021   
  • CMS Hadronic EndCap Calorimeter Upgrade Studies for SLHC "Cerenkov Light Collection from Quartz Plate"
    2007   CMS NOTE-2007/019   
  • Exotic Physics at the LHC with CASTOR in CMS
    2007   CMS CR-2007/013   
  • Measuring Photons and Neutrons at Zero Degree in CMS
    2007   CMS CR-2007/014   
  • Radiation-Hardness Measurements of High OH- Content Quartz Fibres Irradiated with 24 GeV Protons up to 1.25 Grad.
    2007   CMS NOTE-2007/003