High School Teachers

Peter Bruecken has been involved with Quarknet from its beginnings. A founding member of the program in Iowa in 1999, he has worked in the lab ever since.

Christopher Like became involved with the program and has worked in the lab since 2001.

Moira Truesdell began working in the lab in 2007 after just one year of full time teaching.

List of Contacts [Excel]

High School Students

A list of previous participants in the Quarknet Program.

  • Aaron Sartor
  • Beth Takemoto
  • James Wetzel
  • Dolph Westlund
  • John Stroh
  • Dylan Murray
  • Sheena Plamootil
  • Zak Rajput
  • Dolan Murphy
  • Lucy Colville
  • Tom Johnson
  • Mitch Miller
  • Louis Contanteneou
  • Nick Hunt
  • Jose Gomez
  • Jake Hemberger
  • Brittany Swearinger
  • Nate Premo
  • Alex Bruecken
  • Anna Selser
  • Chris Pratt
  • Chris Foss
  • Mary Harmon
  • Samantha Molesbery
  • Dan Romano
  • Dan Wier